I'm @imaimoy,
12 grade,
youg, wild.

Lil bit rude and weak


Im ready to facing a new stage of my life.

I wont tell you what happened in my life lately, but sadly I want to haha


A simple thing, just buzzed my life so damned instantly giving a massive changing made my life from an “okay, cool” for being “wtf” yes I am. I just made my academic way so worst became my lowest score or whatever on my whole life. I’m never ever getting this bad score as this bad.

As this creepy

college was fun, and so the people, and yes the teacher and the subjects. But  the story behind it wasssssss Im joining an event and unfortunately I can organize myself in the way I must too

the god of fortune not giving me the change .

and I cant made it, I ruin everything

My mommy’s kredit, My daddy’s money


haha NO. not that bad. But I feel like I just keeping them cannot save their money for their self, for their need

I just went to New Zealand and it’s so exxpensiveeeeeeee

plus, we got a trouble!!!! kind of financial problem cannot explain hahahaha

frontal deh gak ngurus hahaha, I enjoy the event anyway, but not the result behind it :( hikssss

but it’s okay, YOLO BRO

I feeling not balance in my life lately, met soooo much stubborn new persons. having like uncomfortness -you name it- with such a condition, or maybe a person.

trying so hard to be neutral, calm, and mature

I’m not say that I’m already mature. NOOOOOO bitch , I’m a kid

I admit it yooooo

and this problems, we’re young bro. I appreciate all of these problems and letttttt it ruin and make fun of me

gosh I’m starting to out of words anyway hahahahaha

and……………….. I have a bad news



isn’t that amazing?

yes it is!

I’m crying over and over because of that thing. I thought that we will still be together in this beautiful hot city and enjoy the Saturday night together :”>

and now I think we wouldn’t make it  like we used too :(

I am afraid, this is a long distance relationship. I’m keep wondering whether we will survive or…. NO! I wont think bout it . never want it happen :(

and keep praying and praying, hope we will work on this. we have getting along for almost three years

I’m still a kid, even until today, I’m 17 years old girl, having a boyfriend like him. it’s simply magical,

Just imagine, I’m not that perfect, I hurt him, in many ways are about many times

he gives me the changes

about many times also

and he’s still mine. Whenever I close my eyes and reminding of all those bad things that I’ve done

hmmmm, cant believe He’s still right beside me

I don’t wanna lose this boy. and this is why LDR is very hard for me

But, I must try…. It’s really hard, but what else can I do.

 I’m completely grateful for this, for our barrier, we have a big full of experience of all of that, and happily, we survive

I don’t know exactly how long we’ll be together, but until this time,

like what paramore’s lyric, I’M STILL INTO HIM, madly deeply truly

cannot explain how it can turn out like this, this 3 years…….

and after all this time, I’m still into you…. Rizky :)

maybeeeeee it’s enough for today

next stories coming up haha

8 months ago
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